Creative Chit Chat: Episode 65

StudioStephanie Liddle

A few weeks ago I caught up with Ryan from the Creative Chit Chat podcast about my ceramics journey - how it started with me taking an evening class and resulted in me falling in love with ceramics and making a living from it.

Along the way we chat about the Nacho Illuminati, giant lasagnes, smelly necklaces, as well as some more serious stuff like looking at your audience, and reconsidering your working processes and your prices points.

We had a great time recording the podcast with lots of laughing throughout (most of which has stayed in the podcast) and we were even joined by Ryan's dog - a basset hound called Fred!

All in, the podcast runs for just under an hour (perfect for a commute!) and you can listen to it here - and don't forget to check out the rest of the episodes when you're there, I'm in very good company!