Frequently Asked Questions

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How is it made?

Each piece is hand-crafted using Parian porcelain clay before using underglaze to introduce hand-drawn pattern and illustration. The pots are slipcast, while the jewellery is hand-cut from sheets of clay. Once they’ve been made every piece is decorated by hand, fired twice, and sanded and polished to create objects with a marble smooth finish which are a joy to hold and interact with. Each piece is imperfectly unique.

Where is it made?

My studio is in a Victorian jute mill in the city centre of Dundee, Scotland which has been converted into an artist studios. It's an amazing space with double height ceilings, huge windows, and a great community of makers – there's a whole world of creativity going on behind each door! There's also a gallery and project space on the top floor where I host ceramic classes which looks out across Dundee, the Tay River and hills of Fife.

What makes Parian so special?

Used by the Victorian’s to mimic marble, Parian porcelain is silky smooth and delicately translucent. This translucency comes into its own when a tealight or candle is placed inside - creating a warm, hygge glow. The marble smooth texture is a joy to interact with, resulting in jewellery and homewares which offer a multi-sensory experience.

Is it really hand-drawn?!

Yes! Each and every mark you see on my work was hand-drawn by me with underglaze and a brush. It’s a slow process, but quite medatative in its monotony.

Can my necklace be restrung?

Of course! If you're necklace cord is looking a little worn, or you just fancy a change of colour to refresh your style, just let me know - I’m more than happy to restring it free of charge.

Do you accept commissions?

Yes! I always enjoy hearing from and collaborating with like-minded people so send me an email at if you’d like to commission a special piece.