Mimic Plates (One-Off)

Mimic Plates (One-Off)

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Strikingly minimal in their design, these plates are ideal for both functional use or as decorative plates. With a thin, shallow rim they make a bold, yet are unobtrusive, statement.

Designed to sit alongside the 'MIMIC' collection of hand-crafted Parian porcelain homewares influenced by the shapes found in Steph's jewellery. These one-off plates can be bought individually or as a set of 2.

Slipcast in Parian porcelain, one in unadulterated white and another stained pastel pink. They are glazed inside and left matte and unglazed outside the rim to celebrate the material qualities of the clay, which is marble smooth and delicately translucent. They are polished by hand for a silky smooth finish which is a joy to hold and interact with. 

Handmade and individually decorated by Steph in her Dundee studio, these plates are unique one-off items.


Material: Parian porcelain

Finish: Glossy inside, matte outer rim

Size: 21cm (ø) 

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