Marble Arc Necklace

Marble Arc Necklace


Stormy clouds, brooding landscapes, whispy clouds. What do you see? With each glimpse there’s something else to be seen in the undulating marble patterns on this necklace.

Crafted in Parian porcelain, they are handmade by Steph in her Dundee studio, meaning no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. Each piece is imperfectly unique.

These necklaces are left matte and unglazed to celebrate the material qualities of the clay, which is marble smooth and delicately translucent.


Material: Parian porcelain, waxed cotton cord

Finish: Matte

Size: 9cm x 4cm, adjustable length (maximum 45cm)

Make it a set - add a set of earrings or a statement pin brooch

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