Gossip Pot (One-Off)

Gossip Pot (One-Off)


Look at those smug faces! These gals definitely know something you don't. Want in on their secret? Of course you do!

Inspired by sketchbook doodles, this one-off pot is hand-made and hand-drawn by Steph in her studio in Dundee.

Slipcast in Parian porcelain, this pot is glazed inside and left matte and unglazed outside to celebrate the material qualities of the clay, which is marble smooth and delicately translucent. Polished by hand to create a silky smooth finish which is a joy to hold and interact with. 


Material: Parian porcelain

Finish: Matte outside, glossy inside

Size: 9.5cm x 10.5cm (ø)


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