Winter Markets 2018

Stephanie Liddle

It’s that time of year again, when makers far and wide gather up their most precious creations and descend on markets and pop-ups across the country to meet you - our lovely customers - face to face.

I’ve been up to my elbows in the clay the last few weeks (literally, as well as figuratively - I’m a messy maker) making lots of stock from my main collections, as well as squeezing in a little bit of time to make some special one-off and exclusive items just for markets.


I’ll be embarking on a whopping 5 weeks in a row of designer markets and maker pop-ups this winter, more than I’ve ever undertaken before. It’s slightly daunting but I can’t wait to get out there and see all your lovely faces, have a chat with shoppers and other makers alike, and hopefully even help you find the perfect gift for someone you love (including yourself!) as Christmas approaches. Nothing makes me happier than pairing someone up with the exact right thing for them or the person they’re buying for and seeing the joy that my work brings to their lives!

This winter you’ll find me at…

FLOCK: Contemporary Craft and Design Market
The Barn, Banchory
Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November
10am - 5pm
Free entry

Perthshire Creates: Christmas Design Market
Civic Hall, Perth
Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November
10am - 4.30pm
Free entry

WASPS Artists and Designers Christmas Market
WASPS Meadow Mill, Dundee
Sunday 25th November
11am - 4pm
Free entry

The Hepworth Wakefield Christmas Market
The Hepworth Wakefield, Wakefield
Friday 30th November, Saturday 1st December*, and Sunday 2nd November
10am - 5pm
£1 entry / free for members and under 16s
(*it’s my birthday on the Saturday - hello 29th year - AND the 3rd anniversary of my first ever market so there might just be a lovely little celebration discount on the day)

Tea Green at The Bowhouse
The Bowhouse, Anstruther
Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th December
10am - 4pm
Free entry

Urban Market
West Ward Works, Dundee
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th December
11am - 5pm
Free entry

I’ll be the lass with the bowl cut and the cackle so swing by and say hello - I love getting to meet people in person and put a face to a name (or an Instagram handle).

100% handmade, from beginning to end.

Stephanie Liddle

Do you ever look at things and wonder how on earth it's made?

Me too - I've got a curious mind that's eager to unpick the journey behind objects, especially the handmade.

Let me give you a glimpse into my making...


Starting life as liquid clay, each and every piece has been handmade and illustrated by me in my studio in Dundee. Crafted in Parian porcelain, each piece goes through a minimum of 9 steps before it's complete, with care and detail at each stage. 

My pots are slipcast using bespoke moulds (that's some freshly cast work up above) while the necklaces are hand-cut from a sheet of marble-smooth Parian porcelain clay.

Once the pots have had a day or two to dry, and had their rough edges smoothed out, it's time to paint the patterns on. 

Using a brush and underglaze, I hand drawn the bold, graphic patterns directly onto the clay before the piece goes into the kiln to undergo it's transformation from 'clay' to 'ceramic'.

Each piece is fired at least twice (3 times when there's lustre involved) to a whopping maximum temperature of 1240c, making my studio a toasty place to be during winter! In between firings, there's lots of smoothing and sanding, then each piece is hand-polished using a diamond sanding pad to achieve a silky smooth finish.

As a result, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same, with every piece having it's own unique and subtle differences worth celebrating.

Creative Chit Chat: Episode 65

StudioStephanie Liddle

A few weeks ago I caught up with Ryan from the Creative Chit Chat podcast about my ceramics journey - how it started with me taking an evening class and resulted in me falling in love with ceramics and making a living from it.

Along the way we chat about the Nacho Illuminati, giant lasagnes, smelly necklaces, as well as some more serious stuff like looking at your audience, and reconsidering your working processes and your prices points.

We had a great time recording the podcast with lots of laughing throughout (most of which has stayed in the podcast) and we were even joined by Ryan's dog - a basset hound called Fred!

All in, the podcast runs for just under an hour (perfect for a commute!) and you can listen to it here - and don't forget to check out the rest of the episodes when you're there, I'm in very good company!