My newsletter's getting an upgrade!

Stephanie Liddle

I've been mulling over my newsletter a lot recently and wanted to re-think how I approach it. I'm so grateful for everyone who's decided to join my mailing list so, as a thank you for letting me take up precious space in your inbox, I'll be using my newsletter to share some things that I find inspiring alongside updates about what I'm making - from what I'm listening to in the studio and books I'm reading, to longer reads to articles that have struck a chord and artists who inspire the work I make.

The first edition of my new bigger and (hopefully) better newsletter went out at the end of last week, but if you missed out then you can take a look at it here. I’ll be aiming to pop up in your inbox roughly once a month (possibly with a quick hello in between to keep you updated on events and exciting things as Christmas approaches) so if you’d like to join the community and get a little slice of inspiration directly into your inbox then sign up using the form on the right of the screen.