Meet the maker

Hello! I'm Steph - a Ceramics Designer/Maker based in Dundee, Scotland. Driven by a love of making, with an eye for colour and pattern, I create contemporary, graphic ceramic jewellery and homewares.

Coming from a background in Illustration, ceramics was a bit of a tangent. But from the first moment I picked up a lump of clay I was hooked! My hands had finally found what they'd been searching for, and there's hardly been a day they've not been covered in it since.

100% Handmade

From start to finish, each and every piece has been handmade and illustrated by my own hands. Crafted in Parian porcelain, each piece goes through a minimum of 9 steps before it's complete, with care and detail at each stage. 

Starting as liquid clay, every necklace is hand-cut from a sheet of marble-smooth Parian porcelain clay, while the pots are slipcast using bespoke moulds before the bold, graphic patterns are illustrated directly onto the clay. As a result, each piece has unique and subtle differences worth celebrating.

Products that work for you

Bold, contemporary ceramic jewellery and homewares that adapt and change with you, shifting to meet your needs. Designed with functionality in mind, the minimalistic nature of my jewellery and homewares allow you to bring your own unique narrative and explore how they fit in with your lifestyle.

All my necklaces are adjustable, making them incredibly easy to wear, while my pots are designed to be multifunctional and can shift function to suit you and your home as it changes over time.