Steph Liddle is a Ceramics Designer/Maker based in Dundee, Scotland. With an eye for colour and pattern, she draws on her background in Illustration to create contemporary, graphic ceramic jewellery and homewares. Focussing on minimal shapes, combined with bold patterns and a limited colour palette, she creates pieces which are easy to wear and live with. Working from her studio in a Victorian jute mill, Steph makes each piece by hand and aims to create simple and functional, yet beautiful, products to be cherished and used.

Designed to be multifunctional, the minimalistic nature of each object allows you to bring your own narrative to them and explore how they fit with your lifestyle. Each piece is hand-crafted using marble-smooth Parian porcelain clay, before using underglaze to hand-draw pattern and illustration directly onto the unfired work.

The core theme of Steph’s work is the idea of ‘home’ and ‘home comforts’, especially the role of food, and many of her minimal patterns are inspired by culinary staples. For example, the recurring dash and curve motifs she uses are inspired by rice and macaroni – classic comfort foods reduced to their most basic shapes! The result is a collection of objects which sit together and interact with each other, but are equally strong alone.

Each piece is imperfectly unique.


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